Friday, November 9, 2012

Today is Dexter's 11th month of life.  Not sure of his exact birthday but we're close.  We celebrate on this date anyway.

He is getting so big.  He's still a puppy though, and is so exuberant.  He was running around in the snow early this morning, his first experience with snow.  I'm not sure he can figure out what it is.

Bella on the other hand at three years old, is quite satisfied to lay in the house snoozing.  She has gotten quite used to sleeping in my bedroom at night, and doesn't want to go out just in case she doesn't get to come back in.  But we always call her and she's right there waiting.

I just finished spinning up the alpaca blend from Serano Alpacas in Kentucky.  I love this colorway of reddish brown and a lighter more copper color.  These were spun up separately, plyed together for a tweedy look.  It probably will be woven into a scarf, maybe with some of the merino / silk yarn I bought recently at Blue Flag Weaving in Sandpoint.  The alpaca is fuzzy and soft, the merino / silk is is soft and shiny.  They should look really pretty together.


Sue W. said...

Happy Birthday, Dexter! I hope you post a picture of that scarf you are planning...the coppery brown color is lovely! I like your new blog photo, too. Ah, winter. Can't hold back the seasons, can ya? Sigh.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Hi Sue. I read your comment right after I changed the blog photo. Sorry! I took this picture out of my car window yesterday traveling up to Newport WA at 60 mph! Not bad huh?

Sue W. said...

Gorgeous, Sheryl, gorgeous! Ah, I miss trees like this. It's so flat here. But I don't condone you taking pictures, going 60mph! Be careful, my friend!! :)