Monday, December 3, 2012

As Christmas once again approaches, I am reminded over and over the true meaning of Christmas.  I so dislike the phrase "Happy Holidays" that you hear everytime you purchase something at a store, be it gifts or groceries.  I have a bracelet that says "Say Merry Christmas" on it.  The way I look at it is if you don't know the meaning of Christmas, then don't celebrate it as such.  Call it Santa Eve, Santa Day or something else that's just about as secular.  But don't touch my Christ, my Christ-mas.

As far as I'm ranting about my pet peeves, does anyone else get aggravated when you tell someone "thank you" and all you get back is "no problem".   To me that is rude.  Why not just say "You are welcome"?

Enough of my complaining, after all it is Christmas or will be soon enough.  This is a picture of our Bella a couple years ago.  We put out presents for pictures, then everything was put back in our spare bedroom before wandering kitties and dogs found them.  We've had wrapped gifts chewed up, peed on, wrapping torn asunder ... so now we just wrap, admire, smell, feel, shake ... then back in the bedroom.

No chances for any mistakes any more.

So remember, when someone says Happy Holidays, please say back Merry Christmas.  And when someone says Thank You, the right response should be You Are Welcome!

And no, I'm not in a bad mood.  It just looks that way.   So Merry Christmas, and I really mean that.


Sue W. said...

"You're Welcome" is a dying tradition. Actually, I'm having trouble getting my teen to say "Thank you" at all! It's frustrating.

The picture of all the gifts in front of the fireplace? Wow. You guys go all out!! That's a lot of gifts!

Merry Christmas, Sheryl. :)

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

No, we don't usually go all out Sue. This picture is from two years ago when my 11-year old niece was living with us. We wanted her to have a nice Christmas and probably did just a little. These were the presents we had to pick up right after the picture was taken and hide back in the spare bedroom ... lol. This year we're not bringing anything out until Christmas Day. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas also. Its all about the birth of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. Sheryl