Wednesday, December 12, 2012

 Surprisingly we haven't had much snow yet.  I suppose I will have to eat my words later this month but so far, just a few inches.  The first snow came and went away within just a few days.

The dogs are loving every minute of it.  They run and bark, Dexter is still digging holes ... in fact, daughter and I filled in around five or six large holes just above the driveway near the pool.  Looking out an upstairs window yesterday, he has dug another large one in the same place.

The holes look more like small bomb craters.  What happens to all the dirt?  There's never enough to refill the holes.  So we have to bring some over from the back of the property.   The temps have been in the teens at night (11 deg the other night) so there won't be any digging on my part until it warms up a little.

We are ready for Christmas.  What a relief to have all my boxes mailed to our out-of-state family members.  It always takes an extra week or so for the Hawaii ones.

Having company for dinner Friday night.  I think we will make my daughter's favorite chicken.  Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, about six in a small casserole pan.  Top with slices of swiss cheese, cream of chicken soup mixed with a tiny bit of white wine to thin the soup, sprinkle with bread crumbs and top with melted butter to moisten the bread crumbs.

Then just bake until the chicken is done and the bread crumbs are nice and brown.  It is sooo good.  Can't wait!

Took some pix this morning around 7am.  I like the first one so much, our favorite summer place to sit and read.  But there's no sitting and reading now.  The one on the right is our new garden area with the fencing around and our little blueberry bushes all safe from predators ... read that dogs.  They like digging in the soft dirt, laying on the bushes and plants.  Anything to get my attention.

Better hurry and get your Christmas shopping done.  Only 12 more days to go and today is 12/12/12.  How funny is that!


Sue W. said...

"What happens to all the dirt? There's never enough to refill the holes."

That *is* a puzzle! It must go where all the socks from the dryer go.

Enjoy your Friday night dinner! Sounds yummy.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

hahaha Sue, that's funny. We have a hole in the front yard that Dex has dug that so deep, I keep filling it in but Valerie fell in it not too long ago and is lucky she didn't break her ankle. Bella used to do the same but finally grew out of it. I hope Dexter lives so long!