Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We had only a couple inches of snow last night but enough to cover up a lot of dirty areas.  We saw Bella laying out by the pool early this morning.  I think she thought it was summer.  She can make any place look so comfortable.

I don't go outside right now any more that necessary.  Our temps aren't freezing but its enough to make me want to stay inside these days.  I do go to the studio to check on my dye and paint projects.  After painting the first silk scarf I got the idea to paint some sik camisoles.  One green(s) and one sort of pink or salmon.  Guess I will have to check on my recipe for this, when I rinsed them out nearly All the paint washed out.  Probably forgot one simple little step of the process but I always do a couple trial runs before I ever attempt to do one for someone else.

The pink one might be ok but I think that green one that was so dark originally will have to be painted again.  No problem, it just makes it more interesting the second time around.

Ok, so here is the picture of them after I rinsed in cold water.  Uh oh, where's the paint?  

And I still need to wash in hot water after I iron them to set the paint.  Looks like back to the drawing board this time.


Sue W. said...

Bella! <3 So bummed about your camisoles...that green one, especially, looked amazing. Hope you get it figured out and are having fun with it.
Stay warm! One of the rare consistencies of life (so far) is that Spring always follows Winter. Hurray for that!

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Sue you are so right about Spring. What's that old saying about Hope Springs Eternal. I'd add to that, For Spring! Our temps have been in the 40's and actually 50 this week. Oh Yeah! Love it. Realized I forgot to use my hair dryer to blow dry the cami's before rinsing. That is enough to set the dye. Then rinse. Silly me. But I get to try it again. Nothing ruined, just a little more effort this time. Have a good one! s