Saturday, February 9, 2013

Well, I finished weaving my white scarf and yesterday removed it from the loom.  As I suspected it is a little stiffer than I want so after I get the fringe twisted today it will be washed and dried.  I did some washing of some yarn scraps the other day.  After drying them they were much softer than they started out.

Twisting the fringe used to be a huge task, one that I put off doing.  It would take a couple days and I always got a stiff back from sitting for so long.  So these days I use a tool that used to be sold to make 'braids' in hair.  Works perfectly.  Anyone who doesn't have one of these and wants to get one, you might find one on Ebay.  Don't think they sell them any more.  Here's a picture.

Feeling sorry for those folks in the northeast today.  From the pictures on the news it does appear they really got dumped on by the storm.  I would not live there for that reason, although we do have family members in NY and IL.  Give me the Pacific NW any time.  Our weather is a combination of the wet NW and snowy Rocky Mtn weather systems.  Which, results in beautiful weather both winter and summer, also fall.  Spring can be long and wet sometimes, but we are always green and fresh up here.

Had some bad news yesterday.  We had to take our beautiful great pyrenees Bella to the vet.  She's been limping every so often and was getting pretty crabby with our other animals.  That's not a trait pyrs usually have.  We suspected she wasn't feeling well and waking up a lot at night.  She sleeps in my room now so that was very disturbing.

Our wonderful vet, Dr Marnie, did some blood tests and xrays on her and has surmised Bella may need some surgery on both back knees and also possibly has arthritis in her hips.  Bella has an appt Tuesday with a veterinary surgeon to see if he thinks she needs surgery.

Also have some homeopathic ideas for her, herbs and other things.  A good friend gave me several things we're going to try before I commit her to surgery ... my last resort.  Also before we do the surgery friends have given me the names of two other vets that use other types of treatment, such as aqua-therapy and acupuncture.  Unfortunately, acupuncture won't solve the kneecap problem, but may give her some pain relief without drugs.  We shall see what happens.

Lastly, we had some excitement the other morning.  The dogs had been barking for an hour, wouldn't come when we called them and both were up just beyond our little pool.  Standing upstairs I had been watching to see if I could tell what they were barking at, all of a sudden a great big shadow moved ... Moose!  No wonder they were fascinated.  I think it was on the other side of our field fencing but it sure looked like it was in the yard.  We've had as many as seven at one time in our yard, so we sure didn't venture outside until he turned and walked up the hill.

I'm sure both dogs thought they were the ones that had scared him off.  Ha!  Here's a picture, sort of.  He's standing in between the two skinny trees but back in the shadows.  Can you see him?


Sue W. said...

I see him! Are they dangerous?
All my love and prayers to Bella. Man, it hurts when they hurt. I hope your natural remedies work for her.
Your picture of your tool didn't show up - but I am very glad you found something that eases your work. I am always looking for innovative ways to make my life easier...I don't know if Val mentioned that I have these really ugly Vibram Five Finger shoes that look like gorilla feet but help me with my balance enormously. Not very warm, though. Well, apparently you can't have it all. That's OK, I stay warm with an electric blanket.
Speaking of warmth - I'm so envious of you living in the Pacific NW. I love that area. I'm so NOT a Midwest girl, living here in the Midwest.
Keep us posted on Bella. Praying for her and for you both in your search to ease her pain.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Hi Sue. We've had Bella on glucosamine and some other homeopathic 'remedies'. She seems to be feeling a little better. At least now she's playing. And moose are very dangerous. They will kill a dog before you can call them. Stay warm! I know from experience that's one thing that helps.