Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm weaving a new scarf.  This one is made of some merino / silk from Henry's Attic.  I've wound the warp and was going to use it for the weft also but it fuzz's so easily I was afraid it would be too fuzzy and warm to wear.

So I pulled out some cotton / rayon nubby yarn I bought several years ago from Catnip Yarns.  They've got to have the most beautiful yarns made for dyeing.  I seem to be in a white mood (maybe because of all our snow?) so probably won't dye any of this.

Wasn't sure at first it would be suitable for the weft, but after weaving a couple yards, I'm loving it!  But I do hope it softens up after I wash and finish it.  Here's a close up of that lumpy-bumpy weft.

If it doesn't get softer, maybe I will use it for a table runner.  They can be approximately the same size, but not worried about it.

That leicester (lie-ster) longwool I spun and wove into a scarf was similar to burlap until I was told to Always wash and iron before making a judgment.  And I really love it now.

The only problem is the lumps and bumps take up a lot of space on these little shuttle bobbins so I'm always jumping up to wind a few more.  But that's ok, I really feel better if I move around a little when I'm weaving.

Our snow continues to fall and stay.  This picture shows the accumulated snow off our roof in the front yard.  I just hope it doesn't warm up too quickly and start to do a fast melt.  We have had frozen water, otherwise known as ice :-) ... on our front porch clean up to the door.  Not fun.


Sue W. said...

Sheryl, I never quite know what you are talking about when you talk about your weaving, but I love to read about it. I get the gist of it. Hope what you are making turns out to be soft enough - I love all the bumps and texture of the material.
I hate fast melts, too. My reason is not as dramatic as yours, but it does make the roads dangerous with black ice. Spring, spring, wherefore art thou? 47 days until it is here (I have an app for that). Be well. Keep weaving! :)

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

I love texture more than color I think. And I do love color! So far so good on the snow melt. But it is going to be nearly 40 this week, so ?? We will see. And what app do you have?

Sue W. said...

My app for counting down an event is called "Big Day Lite" - it is in the Apple Store, for free, for the iPhone. I'm sure there are other free apps like it compatible with other types of smart phones. At the moment, it is counting down to Spring. Today it says 46 more days until Spring. Punxsutawney Phil, apparently, says it will be sooner. :)

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Installing it as I type this. Thanks Sue. Love it.