Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter goes on here.  The dogs always enjoy it as they love playing in the snow.  They could stay out for hours but we worry about their feet getting too cold.  At least Dexter's.  He isn't as long-haired as Bella and its not nearly as thick.

Bella looks like a sheep and I don't think she ever gets cold.  But she sure likes being in the house sleeping.  Maybe she's part kitty, as she sleeps All The Time.

Daughter was out trying to snow blow a path from the house out to the garage.  Our neighbor who usually snowplows for us wasn't available this week so she did it instead.  Usually its not too hard with this snow blower but take about half a day to do the entire thing.

The driveway goes from where the dogs were playing to down past that stand of trees in the first picture.  Our driveway is on a bit of a slope and coming back up can be tricky.  She got her truck stuck down at the gate the other day and it was a while before she could maneuver her way up.  One year we slid not just one, but two cars into the chicken coop (on the right of the first picture) and finally had to get a neighbor with an ATV to come pull them both out.

Oh the fun of living here.  BTW, Dexter thinks he's saving her from that noisy snow blower.  He does the same thing with the vacuum.


Sue W. said...

Ah, Dexter! I could SO tell his energetic barking at the snow blower from the picture! The price of privacy, I guess, is the inconvenience of clearing your drive. Buck up, spring is only 66 days away.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Thanks Sue. Thought I answered this yesterday but guess I didn't! And yes, c'mon Spring!