Thursday, January 3, 2013

 2013 is here! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.  Ok, so I will start my diet tomorrow.  This was just too good to pass up.  Twelve different kinds of cheesecake.

Remarkably, I haven't gained a pound.  Well, probably more than just one pound.  We ate a few pieces each, then decided to save the rest for later in the month.

I sat it outside on our covered screened in porch where we eat in the summer time.  Frozen by the time we got up this morning.  Oh well, I was going to put it in the freezer anyway.

And here's a picture of one of the pieces I ate last night.  All cheesecake, all sweet and soft, all soooo good.  But I haven't had one today (yet).

Just in case you don't believe our cheesecake froze out on the picnic table last night on the covered, screened in porch, here's some proof.  I took this picture this morning of our thermostat around 8:am.   It didn't warm up to the 20' until around noon.  Now its back down in the teens.

But its still 74 inside.   Lovin' it.


Sue W. said...

Cheesecake! LOVE cheesecake. Looks yummy! Kudos to you both for not finishing it off in one go. I think I would have. Oh, I would have had good intentions...but, yea, the road to hell is paved...and so forth. One degree out? You win. It is 25 here but (feels like 13, says right now. A heatwave compared to you guys! Stay warm.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Yes, we just finished off the cheesecake tonight. As the week went on, the slices got smaller and smaller. My gut got bigger and bigger, though. lol

And it has been so cold. At least when we have snow on the roof the house stays warmer.

Stay warm, Sue.