Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nearly finished with my pygora / rayon scarf this week.  I've finished weaving it and just have to hem the end, then cut it off the loom and twist the fringe.  After that washing, ironing and its done.  It is pretty and I hope it will look nice when finished.  Pix later.

We worked out in the yard a little today.  I was telling a friend how much I loved being over in the pasture today, walking the fence line with the dogs, checking out the barn and everything else.  We've had several deer over there nearly every day and saw a lot of deer sign (poop) in various places.  We also saw some poop that looked similar to deer but much larger and a very light color.  Wondering what might have been there.  Whoever (whatever) it was had to jump the fence (about 5' tall), so I don't think it was a moose as I've seen them step over our fence when we had a lot of snow, but never on bare ground.  Checked the internet to see what kind it might have been and I guess it is moose.  Unsure how it got over there though.  

According to the internet, some people even make earrings out of it.  Not me, thanks!   Eeeuuuuuuuu!

When I told my friend about how much we enjoyed being outside after a long winter and how one of my favorite things is the first time I can mow the grass, being the cartoonist he promptly sent me the following picture he drew.  He got it right on!  Right down to my hat, scarf, boots and best of all Bella sleeping on my bed.   Too funny.  Thanks Jerry!


Sue W. said...

I agree with you - poop earrings! Eeeeuuuu!

Love the cartoon!

Supposed to get up to the 50's here in the next few days. What a treat! I suspect this sort of long winter will become more and more the norm. Our spring flowers tried to come up before the last snowfall...I'm guessing we won't have any tulips this year. Makes me sad, they are so pretty.

Can't wait to see your new scarf. :)

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Glad to hear you are having a little warmer weather. After winter, even 50's feel warm. And I bet your tulips survive. After all they are mostly from Holland. Brrrrrrrrr