Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 1 and spring has arrived.  The past week has been so glorious and warm for north Idaho.  In the upper 50's and even lower 60's.  It feels so good to be out in the sun even if the wind is blowing and cold.  Our skies are the deepest blue, the forest that surrounds us is green, fresh and healthy.  We are so blessed to live in this beautiful place.

Sometimes it seems like so much work to keep things up.  My yard isn't nearly as well-kept as is has been in past years in other places such as living on the golf course.  But we have so much freedom and it is so quiet up here.

I wouldn't trade it for anything now.  See, here's our first daffodil of the year already.  Always starts right behind our old metal wagon wheel at the end of the porch.  And its always just before we start weeding.

Finished my pygora scarf.  The fiber was from our little pygora goats, LoverBoy, Toby and Snowball.  I had the mill combine them all so I can't really tell who's is who's. 

After washing and ironing it came out soft and beautiful just like I'd hoped it would.  What a difference ironing while still slightly damp makes the woven items.

Its funny how it looks like it is a soft plaid.  The pygora was space dyed blue and lavender while it was still in the hank (a circular way of dyeing with different colors).  Email me if you want to know how to do this.

As I said, the first of April was gorgeous.  Now we are getting a pretty big storm ... wind, rain, cold temps.  If you watch the weather channel it looks like a huge snowstorm is heading this way, but our local forecasters tell us not to expect snow up here.  Just down south of us.

So please don't think this is Alaska or the Northeast, folks.  We live in the banana belt of Idaho.  I keep telling you this, you just don't believe me :-)


Sue W. said...

Gorgeous scarf. :)
A huge sigh of relief here that Spring appears to finally have arrived, also. Another winter in the bag. Trying to enjoy the 60's while they last. It will be in the 100's here before you know it. And the heat is killer on my MS. So, counting my blessings.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Sue, every morning I wake up and thank God just for the fact that I could wake up. I tell Him no matter what he brings me that day I know He will provide just exactly what I need to make it to the next day. And He always does and so much more. Thank you Jesus Sue was able to wake up today and send me a message. Please bless her so abundantly. Thank You.