Saturday, June 22, 2013

 Just because I love looking at the woods so much I take pictures all the time, watching how they change with the months.  This is certainly a spring picture, so nice and green.

We've had so much rain lately that everything is growing in abundance, especially our weeds.  Not so much knapweed.  I think it likes the drier weather, actually hot and dusty.  Right now they are green and tender shoots that you can even pull.

I like this old rotted stump.  Its so serene and peaceful looking.  This is where the deer and moose come down to irritate the dogs I think.  Its just on the other side of our back fence.  We've never fenced it off, really no need to right now.  And we like the wildlife using it and keeping it as natural as possible.  A logger friend really cleaned it up a few years ago, getting rid of all the dead, dying and down trees.  Most of it got used for firewood.

A nice way to clean house!

The woven baby blanket for my niece is getting there, very slowly.  I couldn't figure out what colors to use so decided it will remain white, unless I come up with something in the mean time.  You just never know.  Sometimes I wake up in the night with a really brilliant idea.

Of course its always more meaningful for me at 2am than during the next day.  But ... you never know.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 80 something.  We were enjoying nice weather until last week when it turned very cold (40-50's) and rained.  Did I say rain?  You can bet it didn't stop for several days.

This next week rain will be back, but only for about three more days.  Then summer.  We always have a nice couple months right after the 4th of July.  Let's hope that happens this year too.


Sue W. said...


I'm picturing them pointing and sticking out their tongues. :p

Good luck with the baby blanket color! Do you personally know the child it is for? I mean, have you met the baby yet?


Ain't that the truth!

Our weather is HOT HOT HOT right now. I was riding my trike in the mornings...but even at 8am it is too hot for me. I keep wondering why God brought me here...CA was so much better for my MS, as far as the weather.
Well, He has His reasons.

Hope you have a wonderful summer! Give that daughter of yours a hug for me, won't you?

Sue W. said...

Uh, I quoted from you and put them in brackets and the mail program removed the quote and left the brackets! Here are the quotes from your blog:

First one:
"This is where the deer and moose come down to irritate the dogs I think."

Second one:

"Of course its always more meaningful for me at 2am than during the next day. But ... you never know."

Hope it makes more sense now! Lesson learned.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Hi Sue. No, I haven't met the baby. I think it will be a little girl and my niece is due sometime in October. So I have some time. I'm getting some ideas for colors but need to do some tests first.

Sorry your weather is so hot. I think you are not to happy about that right? We are supposed to be near 90 by next week. We can't wait, its a real treat for us.

Have a nice summer, maybe it will cool off a little.