Saturday, June 15, 2013

 Our garden is already a non-entity.  The chickens have eaten the seeds we put out, and whatever plants have grown to any size have been nibbled to death.  These on the left are just about the only ones we have left right now.  They are red potatoes planted early this spring.  I guess I got a picture of my daughter's little dog at the front.  She's a pure bred chihuahua, but looks like she's a little chiweenie.  Under five pounds, and a little ball of dynamite.

We also have a bunch of other potato plants that are what we call volunteers.  Ones that we somehow missed last fall when we were digging them, or possibly pieces of potatoes left in the frozen ground until they woke up and decided to sprout.  Those were the purple potatoes we had so many of.

They must be very hardy.  Our winters are usually dark, cold (around 0 degrees) and pretty long.  I have to admit that last winter was a pretty nice one by our standards, but still.  To hang around all that time and still be able to grow six months later is pretty remarkable.

Also still growing is the tiny little whats-left-of our rhubarb plant that has been rototilled nearly to death the last few years.  And it was so pretty.  Finally moved it to a pot and will try to grow it as a potted plant.

The picture on the right is some our blueberry bushes that yield the most glorious berries you've ever seen.  The are as big as your thumb, dark blue black and sooo incredibly sweet.

We had so many a few years ago that I froze them unwashed on cookie sheets, gathered the frozen berries into several very large zip-lock bags and tucked them into our big freezer in the carport.  We have enjoyed them so much.

Just take enough for your meal out of the bag, put into a colander and rinse under cold water to wash and also thaw them.  They are not mushy or too soft and you can sprinkle them right on your cereal in the morning, or eat them right out of your hand if you prefer.  I know you're probably not impressed with the way these bushes look, but every little round spot on them is a cluster of delicious blueberries.

One more note, at the top of the blog is a picture of some awesome dark clouds.  We took this picture this last Thursday as a storm was rolling in from the west.  I'd never seen these types of clouds before, at least not this low or close up.  It looked like you could reach up and touch them.

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