Thursday, July 18, 2013

 This week we've had the pleasure of picking cherries from our little cherry tree in the orchard!   It has really grown since we moved here and this is the first crop we have had.  Well, last year we had about five cherries and they all got eaten while we were standing there admiring the little tree.   This year we have a bumper crop.  We still have more beauties at the very top but the tree has grown too high, even for our 20' ladder and its not very big around so not too steady when leaning the ladder.  Here's a picture of my daughter near the top and some (yes,some) of the cherries we picked.
Our little chickens are finally getting close to full-size.  They are still a little skittish but will come when we take their feed out to the garden.  I'm still mad at myself for putting them in the garden.  They have eaten the tops off everything we planted (kale, radish, beets.)  The only thing they haven't bothered is two huge sunflowers that grew as volunteers, and the potato plants.   We planted purple potatoes last year and have several of those coming up.  This year we planted red potatoes (my favorite) and have lots of those growing.  Potatoes are so easy.  Thanks to the chicks, they scratched up the rows where we planted so our veggies are spread everywhere.  But no bugs. 

Our blue berries are coming on strong now.  I actually picked two ripe ones this week that were very sweet.  The rest are getting big but are still the pale light blue color.  The apples and pears are still fairly little, their harvest season is in the fall.  Right now they're getting bigger and sweeter. 

Can't wait!

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