Monday, August 5, 2013

 We've been digging potatoes for the last couple days.  The chickens had started to scratch around in the garden and had uncovered more than a few.  We finally decided to see just what we had out there.

We'd planted red, white, and had some volunteer purple ones from last summer.  They are all so beautiful!  Some of them have been eaten by a mole or vole.  They have tiny little bite marks in them and are nearly hollowed out with the skin still intact.

But these were perfect.  We have  about three large baskets so far.  We've had them for dinner last night and tonight in two different ways.  Oh my, are they ever good.

We also have onions, radishes and did have beets but something has eaten them.  First the tops went to the chickens along with the kale, then the beets completely disappeared.  No telling what happened to them.  Oh well, always next summer I guess.

Here's a picture of a bunch of potatoes my daughter just picked.  My niece was delighted to get the biggest one of the day!

Oh, almost forgot.  We have eggs!  I've never seen such small eggs though.  They are shorter than my thumb and could almost slip through my thumb and index finger.  So far this week we've gotten about 8.  I dropped one on the kitchen floor.  That one went to the dog.  He LIKED it.  :-)

Also our pasture was mowed by our neighbor!!!  He came by the day I was trying to do it with my riding lawnmower.  Told me it would ruin my mower and he'd be back the next day with his brush hog.  He was and that thing is fast.   He finished it in no time.  Maybe I might just have to get one next summer if I have any money.

I've nearly finished the baby gift I'm making for my niece's baby.  Her baby shower isn't until Sept so I won't be showing it before then.  I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it but its nice and soft so that part is ok.

My niece is going to camp Sunday.  She will be leaving in the afternoon heading up to an old Forest Service Work Camp in the mountains.  They will have swimming, horseback riding, campfires, cookouts, Bible studies.  Just lots of fun stuff.  This will be her first time at camp and she is very excited.  I remember going to camp as a child.  What a great memory!

And she loves s'mores.  We made them a couple years ago, she never had had them previously.


Sue W. said...

Fabulous descriptions! I want to come to dinner and have your potatoes! And how were the dog-endorsed eggs? Have you had one (or two or three - they sound so small!) yet?
Sounds like a great summer haul. Except for the mysteriously missing beets. :)
What a lovely summer there in Idaho! Hope you are as all well as you sound. :)

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Sue, we've finally started getting almost three eggs every day now. They are still small, possibly will get bigger as time goes on. But our other chickens (Rhode Island Reds) were huge when they started laying. That's when you get the double yolks!

I've been rubbing the eggs with mineral oil and storing them in the pantry. They should be able to keep up to 9 months or a year that way. ps ... don't wash the 'bloom' off first, but just wipe the poo away if there's any. We haven't eaten any yet.

Sue W. said...

They STORE unrefrigerated for 9months to a year, bloom intact?? I had no idea. Wow.
Wish I had the energy to take on a project like that (or any project, for that matter).
Ah well, what am I thinking? I can't eat eggs...apparently I am "sensitive" to them, too (along with almonds and, of course, gluten).
As my sister in Costa Rica always says, Pura Vida!
("Associated with many different English interpretations like "pure life", "take it easy", "enjoy life", "all good", "purity in life", "hello", "goodbye", "this is life!" and many many more. "...kinda like "Aloha!" I guess.)...Sue
P.S. My security words today: heyPop1