Saturday, August 10, 2013

We had the most incredible rain storm with lightening and a little thunder last night.  Watching our weather news this morning it was said the weather service had tracked 10,335 lightening strikes from 10pm until 2am this morning!  I wish I had thought to take a couple pictures.  It really looked like a war outside.

Our weather had been so incredibly hot (for us) and with the storm very muggy.  The humidity this morning around 7am was still at 71%.  We are usually really dry here.

I couldn't stand it another summer without some animals, so have decided to get three (I think) cashmere wethers.  These little guys are only 2-3 months old so we can train them to come and get their feed, sleep in the little goat shed and all the other things we want them to do.  My first two were females, Hope and Faith.  When I hurt my back I had to sell them to a wonderful new owner, also a spinner, and she has successfully bred them every year.  They are certainly fortunate to have Janice on her beautiful farm.  A lot nicer than when they were here. 

I will try to do things differently this time.  I have always fed our animals way too much.  With those little pygora rascals, it was so obvious!  They were wethers but looked pregnant!  This time I won't over indulge them.  Or spoil them.  Ha!

So here are the three pretty boys I'm thinking of getting.  They are cashmere so won't need shearing.  We usually trim their hoofs ourselves, sometimes need the farm vet to come out to give them vaccinations or check if they seem ill.  Pumpkin (in the can) is something we've used in the past for worm prevention, but our vet thinks its funny.  The goats seem to like it however.

I will be posting more if we bring these little guys home on Tuesday.  :->

On a another note, I love my Kindle Fire.  The other night I picked it up to use and it looked like this.  I thought one of us at home here had dropped it.  After my daughter checked it out with some friends we discovered the battery had exploded.  I'd never heard of that.  But its ok now, they are providing a new one to me.  Yipee.

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