Thursday, August 15, 2013

We're home!  These little guys are so adorable.  Very sweet but not too friendly yet.  The first day home was spent by them tearing around their pen running face-first into the fencing.  They were so afraid ... of everything.

We left them alone after getting the pen ready and being unable to not spend at least a little time with them.  They finally figured out they love the sweet grass and weeds, found their water and feed but stayed in the corner all night.

I left our Great Pyrenees, Bella, out in the yard so she'd be near them.  We have lots of coyotes roaming the woods around the house.  Her fur was very damp when she came in the house the next morning which tells me she laid out in the yard near them.

Then last night she was out with them again but barked All night long.  When I got up and looked out the window this morning, I saw two in the pen and one hiding behind the shed.  I believe Bella barked all night to keep predators away from the little guy who got out just in case any were around.

Here's a picture of me watching the babies, I can't stay away from them!  I am in the pen and outside the pen, pulling branches off our little maple tree that gives them shade so they will come over to see me.  I have missed our goats and alpaca so much these last couple years.  I feel like a mom again now.

Since they are cashmeres, we will begin combing them so they get used to it before they get too large.  Their cashmere is already Gorgeous.  The black one, Smoky, will have dark gray fiber.  The littlest one will probably have a light gray fiber and the beautiful beige one will most likely have beige fiber, but very light.

I was going to get all white ones, but when I saw these I couldn't resist.  Their colored fibers will be blended with the white alpaca I have and should make exquisite yarns.

While we were outside this morning, I took this picture of one of the many many chem trails they are spraying all over north Idaho and WA state.  No one will answer what they are for.  Do they know?  Will it hurt us, or our food growing, our animals, the grass they eat?  C'mon.  This is very suspicious, at least to more than a few of us up here.

I think someone should at least address this.  We can't even get our weather people up here to say.  These are not simply airplane exhaust up high in the cold air that we've seen for so many years.  Those actually disappear after a very short distance.  These trails go forever.

You can see in this picture the little puffs of whatever they are spraying.  It sure makes me nervous.  Well, have a good day!


Sue W. said...

Love love love the little cashmere wethers. Is that what you call them? Wethers? Online dictionary says a wether is a castrated sheep. Is that right?
" I feel like a mom again now." I totally envy you. I miss having animals; we have a dog but it is Pete's dog. Joe loves Pete SO much, follows him around, is excited when he comes home. Me? He likes me, he is friendly to me. But when I come home, he barely gets up.
So, yea, miss having a pet of my own. But because of the MS, I can't care for an animal, so I don't have any.
Anyway, they are so sweet looking. Hope they get used to you quickly. :)
Isn't it amazing how fast the summer has gone? All too soon, I will be complaining about the snow again. Ah well, perhaps I'll get used to the snow one day.
Good luck with the new additions!

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

I don't know what else to call the little boys other than wethers. Maybe there is another word. I will have to research that one. :-)

Ok, its saying they are called wethers too. But an intact male goat is a Buck. Maybe we should call these guys Buck-etts?

I now what you mean about missing animals. I always feel like that and that I need just one more.

Take care Sue. No snow this year.

Sue W. said...

HA! No snow this year. From your mouth to God's ear. Although the skiers might be angry at us. :)

Also, Buckets? Love it.