Monday, August 26, 2013

The picture at the top is our kitty River.  She's crazy.

And what happened to all that green grass?!  Smoky says he has no idea.  He and his two pals have eaten everything green in the pen.  So now as the summer rolls on everything left is brown or dirt.  Such good weed eaters.  If they were just a little bigger I would put them over in the pasture.

But we can't do that yet.  GE is so little and his head and horns are so tiny he continues to stick his head through the wire field fence and get stuck.  He has just about figured out how to get himself loose, but not every time.  So we keep him close where we can hear him when he cries for help.

Otherwise these guys are soooo quiet.  Very unlike the pygoras who cried for us all the time.

We got up at 5am this morning so we could go get hay by 7am.  I always need time for coffee and computer fixes before I go anywhere.

Somehow he got 17 bales on our little short bed Chev Silverado.  Daughter went to pick them up.  We had quite a storm with heavy rain, thunder and lightening last night so until we can get them all unloaded we parked the truck in the carport next to the house.

We will be unloading them into our 'shed'.  It is on blocks so just about the same height as the tailgate and all we have to do is slide them over rather than bucking into the other little metal shed.  We will be putting a few in there but for the most part they will be put in the big shed and the rest into our barn out in the pasture.

That way they will be dry and safe all winter.  Just a few more steps to get them.  Oh well, at least we have them now.  And one or two (?) more trips to get the other half of the 40 I'm thinking will get us through winter.


Sue W. said...

I know what you mean about the coffee and computer fix in the A.M. Me, too. Although, lately, I have been going without coffee before my morning bike ride. There are no bathrooms on the ride. :)
Sounds like you are prepping for winter already with the hay purchase. Guess it is inevitable.
If we drag our heels, can we put it off a little longer?

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Had to laugh at your first comment, Sue. So true.

And we are prepping for winter. We did finally get all our hay put inside, and hopefully its not too far from the goats this year. The last few years we had to hoof it over to the big barn in the pasture to carry it back over here, or visa-verse. We never can seem to get it where we need it.

Our next project is bringing all our firewood up to the house. We cover the rest with a big tarp and hope it does not get wet if the wind blows. We'll see.