Sunday, September 1, 2013

We found a new friend!  This little frog was hiding in an old tarp we were going to use to cover up the hay in the truck until we could unload the hay.  We have several of these frog or toads around on the farm.  We used to have one that was about as big as your hand, but haven't seen him in quite a while.

Dexter did find one one night while we were parking the car.  He was carrying it around in his mouth.  Ugh!  I'd think they wouldn't taste very good.  He dropped it but I think it may have been hurt, Dexter isn't very careful sometimes.

But we have several little ones up at the pool.  Sometimes in the pool.  Maybe its a 'she'?

This week we made some goat cookies for our new babies.  They are still awfully shy and don't want us to touch them yet.  That will have
to change soon if we are going to be able to comb out the cashmere when they start to shed their fiber in the spring.  They have to be able to stand and let us comb them, sometimes for quite a while. 

The other cashmeres we had were too friendly and would overwhelm me when I went into their pen.  They were very jealous and wanted to be the only one who got any attention.  These guys don't seem quite so needy but they are starting to eat out of our hands, that is if we have the right treats for them.

Animal crackers seem to be the favorite, so far.

Remember that picture I took of them in the pen right after we got them?  All green and tall, lush grass?  Well, check out the pen now.  It sure doesn't take them long to learn to like that grass.

They have eaten this down practically to the dirt in some places.  Fortunately, we are supposed to be getting around 4-5 days of rain this week.  I hope it greens up a little, at least.

These guys are so funny, they love chasing each other around in the pen, jumping up on or over the upside down wash tub I sit on when I'm out there.

And the picture at the very top of the blog was Smoky getting too nosy about my camera when I was feeding him this morning.  Ha!


Amandeep Singh said...

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Sue W. said...

Love hearing about your guys (and gals?). Hope they start giving you some lovin'. Cute frog but not as cute as the cashmere kids.
Looks like you are starting to get some spam comments. Hate it when I was doing my blog, too. Seriously, do they think that works?
Hope the rain brings some green grass for you.
It was fair week the past few days here. It's amazing how nuts people go for fair week. I haven't been able to go. Too hot during the day and Pete (my husband) has been volunteering a lot so he hasn't had time to take me. Hate that I have to wait for someone to take me but I need to go in the wheelchair and I don't have an electric wheelchair and I don't have the energy or strength to propel mine (especially over the terrain at the fairgrounds).

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Thank you Amandeep. I appreciate your comment! Nice to know others are reading it.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Yes I hope we get some rain also, Sue. We sure could use some. Even my lawn is looking dusty these days.

My Bill had a power wheelchair. SS paid for it when he couldn't do it for himself. You only need a doctor to order it.

Stay well friend.

Sue W. said...

I'll have to ask my neurologist about the power wheelchair when I see her next. I'm doubting they also buy you the van to transport it? Won't do me much good here...I can still get around in the house. But I'll ask, thank you!