Wednesday, February 12, 2014

 I had a very fun week when I took a class at Blue Flag Handweaving in Sandpoint.  We learned to make wool braided rugs.  It is so much fun, very strenuous as far as my capabilities go but I did manage to finish mine along with the other ladies in our class. 

There were four of us as you can see by the photo on the left.  The others were a tiny bit larger than mine but maybe because I braid rather tightly.  I guess I was trying to be sure it wouldn't come undone unlike my knitting which can practically fall off the knitting needles.  Not a good thing.

I'm not sure I will make another one.  I really wanted one bigger.  In fact, at one time I wanted my entire house carpeted in braided carpet.  But I can see why it would be so expensive as these rugs took a lot more fabric than you would imagine.

Here is an interesting picture I took last week.  This picnic table was sitting under a tree.  We've had so much snow lately and the temperatures were so cold that it the snow piled up to about eight inches.

Then the sun came out.  The snow on the tree started melting but the temps were still extremely cold and the little icicles formed upside down from the dripping water in the tree.  Very strange.  I've never seen this before.  Too funny.

A trip to Costco today freed me of a lot of money.  We bought mostly canned goods and pet food.  Yikes.  Prices have certainly gone up.  We usually head there about once a month so other than fresh fruits and veggies, we don't have anything to buy at our local stores.  Maybe a fresh loaf of bread now and then.  And of course a freshly made donut at our favorite grocery store.

Nearly Spring!  Take heart.  Get your seeds ordered, get the house cleaned and it won't be long until we can all be outside.   Yeaaaaaaa!


Sue W. said...

Sure feels like it's been a never ending winter, doesn't it? The snow is really built up here - probably 14 inches? And still we are expecting more snow tomorrow. Argh!
But yes, the wheel always turns, so winter must end and spring arrive. Can't wait to get out of the house again. The MS progresses so I feel a need to hurry and get out while I still can. The snow is a real problem for me, as is heat. Makes it tough to live in the Midwest.
Glad you had an opportunity to make a braided rug if that's something you've always wanted to do! And how are the goatlings? :)
Wish we had a Costco here...we only have a Walmart and I not a fan.
Be well!

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Our winter has been really nice, Sue. Compared to a few I hate to remember, last winter and this year are both on the good to great side. We almost always have snow, sometimes a lot, sometimes not.

The nice thing about where we live is the snow will come, then we get that 'pine apple express' from the southwest and it will just disappear.

This year there is some flooding to the south but we're not bothered. And our summers are the best thing about where we live. Beautiful, sunny, warm but not humid.

You'd love it! You and your husband should visit the northwest one of these days.

Take care.