Friday, March 21, 2014

 Here on our little farm we are all about animals.  Big ones and small ones.  We just love them.  In past years my daughter has played foster mom to around 300 motherless newborn kittens.

On the right is a recent picture of Willie.  He was one of our first foster kittens and we couldn't part with him so he is also one of our rescue animals.  I just love him.  Very sweet, very calm, except when it comes to our kitty River, also a foster and rescue.

They just don't get along for some reason.  River is a girl, you'd think they would like each other.  For some reason Willie thinks he should be the main kitty that gets to sleep in my bedroom.  River is actually the one who lives in there because she is such a nervous Nellie that she doesn't like being around other cats.

Then we have Bella, our Great Pyrenees.  She also sleeps in my bedroom because she is so noisy at night.  As a natural guard dog she should be outside guarding our little goats but Noooo, she is guarding me.  Guarding me consists of her sleeping on my bed, sometimes nearly on top of me, and growling from time to time to keep the boogie man away.  I've almost gotten used to having her in there after 2-3 years, but not quite.

Our new little rooster, Kung Pao nearly became chicken soup the other day.  For some reason he decided to play attack rooster and when I went outside to do some chores he came flying directly at me.  He tried several times and finally succeeded in hitting me with his tiny little spurs on the calf of my right leg.  I still have two little bruises!  We seriously didn't think he would do that, he's been so sweet.  After I kicked him in the chest the next several times he tried it he finally walked away.  Then he tried it on my daughter and my niece, both who succeeded in dissuading him in the same way as I had.

So far since then he's been great.  I think he's just in love with those sister wives, one in particular.  The two of them are always in the chicken coop together while the other two hens are cleaning up bugs in our yard.  We have started getting eggs again but are reluctant to take them into the house unless they are ice cold.  We're hoping at least one of our hens will get broody and we will have some spring chicks pretty soon.  So far the hens haven't figured out that part yet.  Guess I'll get a couple wooden eggs so she can get the idea.

Spring is finally here, always an exciting time around here.  Lots of work to do, clean up from the winter, re-doing some projects and yardwork that looks pretty bad after the wind / rain / snow from winter.  But at least we can put away our snow shovels and the rest of the snow-type stuff that we have all over.  Our snow blower will be the first to go back into the garage until next winter.

 Here's my wonderful neighbor snow plowing our driveway.  Now this is the way to do it!  I am upstairs taking his picture, in my jammies, drinking my coffee.  What a life!  Thanks Adam.   :-)

This is the only time we had to plow this winter.  Not too bad for north Idaho.


Sue W. said...

Wow, Kung Pao sounds like a read...yea, that. But, hopefully, you've taught him who is boss.
As always, I love hearing about your life. This: "Guess I'll get a couple wooden eggs so she can get the idea." I had no idea this was an option!
Yea, Spring! It hasn't shown up here yet, but I think, maybe, the snow is done. The wind is howling today and we have rain. I miss the sun. I can't stay IN the sun (because of the MS), but I still miss it.
Our 70 pound puppy tried to sleep with us in our bed, also. I offered to get myself a different bed in another bedroom, but my husband put up a dog gate to the bedroom, instead. Puppy just doesn't share. I'd be OK with it if I wasn't being shoved off.
Be well, God bless, and Happy Spring!

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Hahaha, Sue they sell wooden eggs at our local feed store. Its just so a hen gets the right idea and can sit all she wants on those. We have three hens, one is sitting, more than one are laying, but not sure just who.

I don't like a dog on my bed. But it seems like every one we've ever had finds a way. Usually its in the middle of the night and I don't notice until the morning when its too late.

Enjoy the brightness of the sun. Even shining in my bedroom in the morning is a treat.

Take care.