Monday, March 31, 2014

Saturday I went to the annual Log Cabin Spinners fiber fair and Templin's Best Western hotel in Post Falls.  I love going, have been nearly every year since it started.  Vendors from all over come to show their beautiful wares.  Lots of local farms with freshly sheared fleeces, our new local mill that did such a beautiful job on my alpaca fiber, farms and businesses with supplies, finished yarns, door prizes.  Its always so much fun and I get to see lots of friends.

One of my most treasured friends I saw was the wonderful lady who bought my first two cashmere goats, Hope and Faith.  Janice takes such good care of them and now has around 20 I think.  She has these girls bred and just sent me their photos.  They look just beautiful.  Hope is on the right, Faith on the left.

I am hoping to visit Janice's farm this summer, and of course the 'girls'.  I guess I should call them 'ladies' now though.  Hope's picture shows her huge tummy.  She is due to kid today!  I can't wait to see what she has.  Janice and I agreed she looks like she will be having triplets!  Ouch.

I'm not sure if Faith is bred or not.  But they both sure throw beautiful kids.  There is a picture near the top of my blog on the right showing two kids born a couple years ago to them.

I never did have them bred.  First they were a little young, then I sold them.  I almost (Almost) wish I'd had them bred when I had them, but I know nothing about animal birthing and didn't want to have to head out in the snow and cold and dark of winter in case one came early.

Guess I'm just getting too old.  I'm happy to just be a grandma to them.

No pictures of our new puppy this time.  She has discovered the joys of rolling in chicken-poo.  Go figure.  Fortunately the other two have given up that since they grew up.  P-U!  And my niece and her puppy are doing really well at puppy training on Sat mornings.  Right now they are working on 'come', 'sit', all the cool things that would ordinarily drive you crazy.  Walking off the leash is also a big step.

It would be nice to be able to take at least one of our dogs for a walk without the dog taking Me for a walk.  When we had our other Great Pyr, Jessie, I put both him and Bella on leashes and when they saw the guys working on our woods behind the house, they pulled me face-down through the bushes to get to the men.  Those guys thought is was funny.  Me, well not so much.  Oh well.  I won't try that again.  Over 225 lbs of dog(s) is a little too much for me to handle.

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