Sunday, April 20, 2014

The picture at the top of my blog is of the beautiful little puppies born a few weeks ago at the farm where my niece and her puppy are going for obedience training and where Jet was born too.  Aren't they cute?!!

My niece's puppy Jet is growing into the sweetest, prettiest little girl.  She's now eight months old, doing her puppy obedience training so well and for the most part behaving like a puppy should.  The only thing that could use a little work is when she's playing with the other big dogs, she really thinks she's one of them.  They are very careful not to hurt her but she's definitely learning some naughty tricks.

Our border collie mix and our great pyrenees play pretty rough together.  The border collie the roughest I think.  He certainly isn't afraid of Bella.

Bella used to be the roughest, naughtiest dog ever.  Her favorite trick was to jump on anyone who walked by.  At over 100 pounds, she could knock me over very easily.  Now, she just calmly walks up for a pat and a hug.  Such a love!

I'm planning on making an alpaca scarf, my wonderful friend in Kentucky gave me some alpaca yarns and I'm wanting to use them for this project.  The scarf on the right is a picture from a magazine that I fell in love with and would like to try and duplicate it.  It is 100% alpaca yarns.  My scarf won't be nearly as large but I like the combination of natural colors.

 These are the yarns I got from my good friend at Serano Alpacas in KY.  The dark brown on my bobbin is from our alpaca Jasper, also from Serano Alpacas.

Since I had his fiber made into the most beautiful roving at our local mill, Fibers First, I've been spinning it not knowing what exactly to do  with it but now I think this will be a perfect fit for this scarf of many colors.

I may not have quite enough colors, so after I get a portion of the warp warped I can tell more easily and I Always have lots of alpaca to spin up, lots of colors including black.  More later on this project.

I still have several projects we call UFO's.  Unfinished Fiber Objects ... like the beautiful red / gold / orange / black scarf I still have on my loom from two summers ago.  I really need to get that one done.  Better vacuum off the dust which has accumulated on the loom!

Have a Joyful Resurrection Sunday, everyone.  May God bless you richly.


dan trainer said...

Great article. I do believe that one of the important keys to a successful dog training is making yourself the pack leader. Establish first your role as a leader and everything will be easy. Best of luck! :)

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Hi Dan! Thanks for the looking at my blog and your comments. You are absolutely right about being the pack leader. I failed miserably at that when our Great Pyr was in training. But now since she's older she is so sweet. Hard to be the leader when everything they do is so funny! BTW, nice web site you have!