Monday, December 29, 2014

Oh what a difference a day makes, as the old song goes.  Compare this picture to the one of the chickens below.  The chicken one was taken only about a week or so before this new one.  Today the temps have dropped again heading towards the minus sign New Year's Eve, possibly to -4° by then.  Ouch

Today the winds are swirling and howling all over north Idaho.  Last night was so noisy we had to lock the doors on the front porch to keep them from banging open.  Bella was sleeping on my bed ~ to protect me I guess.   pant * pant * pant ...  She was hot, I was not.

Got to head up to the post office later and dreading it in this wind and cold.  The roads most likely will be like glass and very icy.  But I want to pick up the Thunder Shirt I ordered for Dexter, our border-collie lab mix.  He's so hyper, we are hoping this will calm him down (like it says in the ad). 

He is one crazy dog.  Very very loving and affectionate but waaaay too excitable, even though this picture doesn't show it.  Maybe the Thunder Shirt will help.   Stay tuned ...


Sue W. said...

Did the Thundershirt help Dexter?? Frigid temps are just hitting here today and we are expecting our first substantial snowfall tonight.
Meanwhile, I've discovered needle felting and I'm loving it! I'm thinking you get wool from your goats (?) and I wonder if you do this? It's great for me because I can do it in small amounts. I bought a kit from Sarafina Fiber Arts (online) and follow her YouTube tutorials. I'm doing a goat now. I'm hoping to start doing my own designs after I finish the goat.
Be well, be warm, be loved...Sue

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Sue, my goats have cashmere fiber. It probably isn't the best for needle felting because you need a little coarser sheep's wool rather than a smooth fiber. Wool (always sheep) has tiny little barbs on each strand that help to hold the felt together. Fiber such as cashmere and alpaca are way too soft. I can send you a little of both to try if you'd like. You can dye it with food coloring and

My sister is doing what you are also and I have given her many different fibers and wools to try. I think wool is much easier for a beginner but I do know she uses other fibers also.

I'm a firm believer in do what you do and not let anyone (even me!) tell you its wrong. Send me via email your address and I can send you some fiber.

Enjoy the New Year knowing Spring is right around the corner (please don't tell me its not) :-\