Friday, February 27, 2015

 Isn't this a great shot of a young moose!  He was walking along the highway the other morning as I was taking my niece to school.  I dropped her off and on my return trip home I decided this time I would be ready to take a picture.  There he was again.  And there was no one on the highway either direction as far as I could see so I stopped and took several pix.  By then two cars were coming down behind me so I drove off.  As I did I could see both of them stopping to get a good look.  This guy is possibly a part of a family of moose that live around that area.  It is within a mile or so of our landfill, don't know if that has anything to do with it but there's a huge male that makes his way across the highway every so often.  Then there's a female I've seen with a much smaller calf walking along the road. 

 My daughter has a new addition to her aviary of parakeets.  This little yellow boy is so sweet and appears to be smaller, possibly a little  younger than the original two but about the same size and the little white with blue female.  They had more fun yesterday chasing each other around, everyone wants to sit with the new little guy.  His nose is already bright blue indicating he's  a male so we are really hoping we were right about the little one in the back on the right picture being a female.

The blue one and the white one are a mating pair and were the original ones she got  We're hoping these two little ones will also mate.

This will be short today.  I've been working on my tax stuff to take to the accountant and still have quite a bit to get organized for her.  I always hate this time of year, not because its so hard but it takes so much time!  Good luck with yours.  :-)

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