Saturday, March 7, 2015

 I was watching a couple of videos this morning of parakeets.  YouTube has some amazing ones.    This one has sound and was so cute with two birdies courting each other. 

All of a sudden my crazy kitty River jumped on my desk and could not get enough of the videos, pawing the screen.

The picture below on the right is my Great Pyrenees Bella in for a groom.  She hates for me to leave her anywhere, even in the house.  I took her to a new groomer last week, a very nice lady with a great facility.  After I left to get in the car, Bella walked to the window and watched me leave.

I missed the opportunity to get her sad eyes pleading with me not to leave her and by the time I got my phone out to take her picture the groomer Karen had put a leash on her to bring her back over the the tub area.

But if you look closely you can still see her sad look.  Too funny.  But she looked so pretty and sure smelled a lot better!  Thanks Karen.

Today is just beautiful, at least in the 60's sunny and warm.  Our chickens have been loving it.  We only have six chickens left but still have 4-5 roosters I can't catch.  They eat a lot but also keep the bugs down on the property.  One of these days they will be chicken soup.

I found some chicken nesting boxes on sale yesterday.  The one I got is 36" long, divided into three nests and the box is made from wood.  Its pretty nice.  Now we just have to figure out where to put it.  The chickens have decided roosting in our big bull pine behind the old goat pen at night is more fun than in the chicken coop so they rarely go in the coop any more.  That makes it hard to put some nesting boxes around.  Right now they are using the little two nest gray coop we bought two summers ago.  Its pretty well worn out but every day we get at least four eggs, sometimes more.  And talk about large eggs.  I will post a picture of the box as soon as I can get it put together.  Their other favorite place to lay eggs is in the dog kennel.  Go figure.

So far the new goat shed we put together last fall is doing a great job.  The goats seem to like it and it has kept them warm and dry this winter.  I'd like to get another one only a little larger this time.  We will see what happens this summer.  I did buy some electronic fencing last winter that hasn't gone up yet.  It takes a battery and a charger that I still need to buy.  Its not a permanent fixture and can be moved anywhere.  A great way to keep some of the weeds down and still maintain at least a little landscaping.

Then we're planning on redoing our electric fence around the pasture.  It works great until a tree falls on it and breaks the wire.  A couple years ago somehow it got cut in two or three places.  Not sure if it was human or animal that did that.  Probably those sharp little deer hooves heading over the top.  Or maybe a moose or two.

Don't forget to set your time forward tonight.  Happy Spring everyone!

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