Thursday, March 26, 2015

 I love this picture.  I've named it Peaceful Pastures.  It looks so serene.  Our livestock guard dog (LGD) Bella has finally realized how lovely it is to be over in the pasture during the day with the goats.  She is nearly six years old now, very stiff with her bad knees but does such a great job guarding all five of them.

She can be away from the other dogs, all the cats except for Willie, our little black one and me chasing her out of the house every time she comes in.

The pasture has once again begun to turn green with the warmer weather and the nice rain we've had for the last few weeks.  Not every day, just when things need a little greening up.

The goats are great at keeping down the weeds as they thrive not so much on grass but on weeds and brush.  Not to say they don't like eating hay (which they do) but they are healthier with the brushy stuff.  It keeps their rumen in good working order.

So check out this pretty runner I got the other day at TJMaxx.  I bought it for our back door and it helps to keep our carpet cleaner.  It was Very reasonable in price as most stuff at TJMaxx usually is.

The only problem I have with it is it will 'walk' or move when anyone or any animal walks on it.  Gets a little bump right in the middle, you can almost see it in this picture.  I think it must have been folded there before I bought it.

Oh well, its a lot easier and cheaper to clean this one or throw it away and buy a new one instead of doing the entire carpet in the room.

And I like going to TJM anyway seeing all the pretty stuff they have there.

I got a new app for my phone the other day that I can make these line pictures with.  I took an old picture of Bella and used the app.  I love the way it looks.  I may just have to take it to FedEx / Kinko's and have a large print made up of this.

I wonder what else I can do with it ... ?

Oh yes, our chickens have started laying lots of eggs again.  We were only getting about one a week this winter but now can get as many as five a day.  They are so good.  The yokes are bright orange and stand up very high when I fry them.  Nothing like the light yellow eggs we get when we have to buy them.

Right now I have about five dozen in our refrig and have given some away.  Last year we used mineral oil on them to try saving some.  Good, but not like fresh.

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