Sunday, May 24, 2015

The picture at the top of the blog this week is one I took earlier in the week.  We were expecting possibly a little rain, a few sprinkles the weather man said.  Holy cow!  You should have heard it coming down.  We must have gotten at least 3/4" when it was all done.  The plants and trees are so green, they love the rain so much more than just watering with the sprinklers. 

For some reason I've been eating more than I should.  Must be the nice warm weather we've had the last month or so.

The picture on the left is a recipe I got on the internet.  These are apple roses sprinkled with a little bit of powdered sugar.  So easy to make, so good to eat!  If you want the recipe, go to

The photo on the right is of my breakfast yesterday.  Unflavored Greek yogurt, black berries or blue berries, and because of the unflavored yogurt I drizzled a spoonful of honey over top.  Delicious!  Add a handful of granola (or cookies) if you are so inclined.

This weekend we did some yard saleing and found some great buys.  This yarn was only $5, and says wool but I believe it to be kid-mohair.  Very soft and strong.  This cone measures about 7" wide by 6" tall.  Lots of yarn here.   I'm planning weaving a shawl made mostly from alpaca yarns in several natural shades of browns, tans and cream colors.  This would make a very interesting contrast in a few places.  Some of the other yarns I'm in the process of hand spinning now so still lots to do.

We also got a large (16"?) deep skillet with a glass top, metal handles on both sides of the skillet to hang on to.  I don't believe they ever used it, or are a lot neater than I am anyway.

Fried chicken anyone?

Met some really nice people at these yard sales.  One lady indicated she'd tried spinning but hadn't been successful, so we sat on her front steps and I showed her how.  Her entire family was interested and came over to observe.  How fun!

Possible rain this week, maybe I will have to get to spinning.


Sue W. said...

Hi Sheryl! Finally found you again - lost my bookmarks during a browser switch! Did you start the shawl you'd planned yet - sounds beautiful!
I can't remember if I'd told you (before my disappearance) about the needle felting hobby I've taken up? I now have tons of wool to create with - more than I'll need for a long's just so addicting to buy these beautiful colors! So, now I've forced a moratorium on purchasing for awhile.
Meanwhile, I've been too tired to do any actual creating, lately. Just weary. Partly due to a death in the family (husband's aunt) and then a scabies (a type of mite) scare that forced us to use a prescription cream (head-to-toe) worn for 12 hours and a complete washing of all bedding...only to find out it was a misdiagnose.
One can only laugh!
Have you ever heard Graham Cooke's Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit? It's free from Amazon if you have Amazon Prime. Well worth hearing. It's Galatians 5:22-23.
Well, now that I've found you again, hopefully I'll stay in better touch.
Hope your summer is going well. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog and reading what you are up to.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Hi Sue. Nice to see you here again. I just realized this morning I have not been on my blog for a while, turns out it was the end of MAY! Sorry for not replying before now.
I know the feeling about not buying any more fiber. I am also (trying) a moratorium on purchasing any more but for some reason keep failing! Oh well. I have taken over both sides of the shop now, just trying to get everything moved out of the side Valerie was using. I have someone coming to look at the refrigerator I stored out there last summer. Then I can start putting my stuff away right after I get some shelving for it. Costo has it on sale, guess I will see what they've got.
Glad you are enjoying your new venture into felting. It is all so much fun. But I have not been doing Anything with fiber, its been in the 100's and upper 90's for about a month now. Way too hot to play with that stuff. So everything is on hold until it cools off a bit.
Take care. Thanks for the referral to Galatians, one of my very favorite books in the Bible.