Sunday, July 26, 2015

 We nearly always bake or barbecue our chicken.  The other day I really wanted some fried chicken.  I mixed plain bread crumbs and matzo meal, about half and half.  Put in some sriracha powder, Mrs Dash seasoning, a little garlic salt and rolled these chicken breasts (from Zacon Foods) in the mixture and fried in a little bit of olive oil.  After browning they went in a low oven for about 20 min.  You could cut them with a fork they were so tender.  My new best dinner recipe!  Yum.  If you've never tried Zacon Foods, you should.  Great prices, but 40# cases.

Well, the new weaving and spinning shop is starting to take shape now.  Most of the equipment has been moved out of the old other side and moved into this part.  Only a doorway separates these so its pretty easy for me to do alone.  The Big loom was already in here covered with a blanket for the last couple years.  I had nowhere to put it until now.  Its still in the back under the window and I draped an old American flag that had belonged to my grandparents many years ago over the blanket.  I intend to wash and hang that on one of the walls (in a very safe place with very safe hangers).  It is so old it only has 48 stars on it.  I also have all my spinning wheels over here now and the one in the front you can see is the Baby Wolf loom.

Most of the things in this side have not been put in their permanent places yet.  I'm still trying to visualize how I want it, the looms will all be in one place and the spinning wheels will be together at the other end of the room.  I just don't know which end is which yet.

These tall black shelves are plastic, very light and I got them at Costco for $25 each.  What a bargain.   I can put them together and move them around by myself. 

These pretty rugs are also new, very inexpensive at Ross.  I really like them.  Got rid of that old black refrigerator and now have lots more room.

Ok, so the other day I got a bright idea I would let the babies out and encourage them to eat those weeds you can see out the double doors.  They loved being out of the pasture and their pen.  But once they saw me in the windows, they wanted to come in the new shop and help.  HA!  Those little poopers!  In to everything.  Up on everything.

I never did let them in but they ran from window to window and door to door jumping up trying to get in.  I had some fiber ready to put out on the shelves in the blue bag.  Not particularly heavy but it was sitting on the chair that I slid in front of the doors to keep them from pushing them open.  Eeeeeekkkk!  Little monsters.

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