Saturday, April 21, 2012

This weekend is going to be the warmest so far this year.  By Monday, possibly 75° or better.  It feels so great!  Got the mower back yesterday, runs like a dream.  Somehow the blades got bent??  I wonder who or how that happened.  Anyway, I mowed today.  Tomorrow early in the morning we are going to spread the weed killer around on all those pesky weeds that grow so well with a tiny little bit of grass in between.  Our animals sure like being outside when the sun is out rather than having snow and rain.  This is Breeze enjoying a little warm weather.

My indigo plants are getting big.  Not big enough to play outside by themselves yet, but certainly doing well.  I need to put them in a safe place outside tomorrow and daily now to harden them a little, then maybe by Memorial Day they can be placed in the garden somewhere.  Those darn kitties love to find a place where we've been digging or planting and plant something very unpleasant there.  Then Bella comes along to 'plant' her latest find in the same place.  Oh well, I may just use containers to plant in this year.

Got some great fiber from Paradise Fibers this week.  I can't wait to try them out.  This summer I definitely need to start skirting the alpaca fleeces from the last couple of years.  I started that project but had to stop in the middle, and I never got back at it again.  Interestingly, it will wait for me For Ever!

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