Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wednesday was a sad day for us.  We had to put down our wonderful, smart, loving border collie Savannah.  We bought Savannah for our daughter in 2000, when she bought her house.  Savannah has been her constant companion for 12 years.  Good bye sweetie, we will miss you so much.  You were the best dog ever.  07/04/2000 - 03/29/2012

Last Sunday I got my Japanese indigo planted in the little starter trays.  It took a few days, but the seeds are just starting to come up and look healthy, although I thought there would be more.  Probably after a few more days more of them will be showing their little heads. 

Our weather has been so cold and constant rain so I set them on my bed upstairs where I get sun most of the day.  The east facing window is perfect for lots of light after the sun passes overhead.  Can't wait to get these guys planted out in the garden.

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