Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finally!  I have been locked out of my blog ever since the last posting.  Today after spending over two hours trying to find the solution, I had to change emails and now it works.  Thank goodness, I'm not much on that geeky-techie stuff.

We have had rain nearly every day or night in June.  Our garden is looking good, but the weeds and grass are growing fast also.  Sunny today so it may be possible to get out there and do some work.  Since the new fence was put up the sweet little doggies haven't been able to get in there and dig those elephant size holes they are so fond of.  What a great job those folks did for us.

Yesterday was daughter's birthday, she went to Montana to visit some friends.  Lots of rain going over but she got there safely to spend a few days.  Hopefully I am going to have time to spin and weave a little while she's gone.  That 'autumn' scarf on the loom is calling me as well as the beautiful brown alpaca I received from Serano Alpacas.  The darker brown is spun up, now the lighter colored one and it will be plied with the darker for a nice heathered look.  My favorite colors are always a mix of different hues.  Don't you just love the color of the lighter one!

I finally am back in physical therapy for my shoulder and really hoping I will be back to weaving very shortly.  I'd sure like to get that scarf done in time for the Fair, but that's only a couple months away and I've got two more to go.  It was a three scarf warp, one is done.  If I work every day I know it will be finished but the back / neck / shoulder pain really gets to me.

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