Saturday, June 9, 2012

We had our TV disconnected this week.   We were paying nearly a hundred $ per month and figured out we weren't watching it.  Everything is getting so expensive - groceries, gas, eating out (pizza and hotdogs) as well as everything else, we decided to forgo TV for the summer.  We have the option of turning it back on anytime we want, so maybe this winter when we spend so much time inside.  But with the trash on the tube any more, that will be a hard decision.  We are both readers and have enjoyed the quietness that affords.  We've got windows open most of the time so birds singing, the wind in the trees, an occasional dog bark, mostly silence, this is the best.  If you've never tried it, do!

 More rain in our forecast.  But that's ok ... we finally got a fence around our new garden area.  This year we are going to have a garden!  Finally.  After six years of not having one I decided to pay to have a fence put up.  What a beautiful job these folks did.  Much better than we would / could have done.  He's even building me a garden arch for the gate.  I'm so blessed to have found such a nice, hardworking couple to do this. 

Today if it doesn't rain too hard we're rototilling our garden for the second time this year.  Then I've got all kinds of seeds ready to plant.  Also flowers to brighten up the garden around the sides.  In my mind it is beautiful.  I hope it turns out like I imagine.

Finally, this pic is the only evidence we had some kind of animal in our yard the night before last.  Bella our great pyrenees was barking like I've not heard her do before.  I got up to see what it was (2:30am?) when I heard another animal growling while she was barking.  I never did see the animal but did see a paw take a swipe at her when she cornered it on our porch.  Finally it escaped out the big doggy door and apparently went up our willow.  Next morning I was shocked to see all these branches down.  At least 6 or 7 that were about an inch or more in diameter.

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