Thursday, July 5, 2012

What a beautiful Fourth of July.  We had a gorgeous sunny (albeit cool 70's) day after a week of on and off rain.  Yesterday we went to the parade and craft fair in the park in the next small town over from us.  It was such an inspiration to see so many local folks decked out in their patriotic red, white and blues.  Little kids waving American flags (yes, actually American! flags), large American flags on nearly every vehicle in the parade. 

People stood and clapped, or hands over their hearts when Old Glory passed by.  The only thing I was disappointed to see was hardly anyone removed their hats for our flag.  But all in all it was very old fashioned 4th with lots of patriotism showing.  It put tears in my eyes.  This is a drum corp that played together about 35 years ago and got together just for this year.  Amazing what they can do with just the drums.

We finally got a few nice-sized plants planted up near our pool and three in our front yard garden.  The yard is just beginning to look like I want it to.  This photo is of the wild campanula flowers that grow all over our property.  They are large plants that grow very tall and are extremely prolific.  Love them!

Sunny today as well, the rest of the week looks warm and sunny.  We are so blessed to have this weather when the rest of the country is sweltering.  Our summers are beautiful but they don't generally begin until after the 4th.  So WooHoo, here it is -- finally.

Maybe even a little pool time is in store.

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