Sunday, July 29, 2012

What a great week we've had.  On Thursday we went to the Double J Dog Ranch a few miles west of us.  This is a private home on lots of acreage above a beautiful lake.  They rescue special-needs dogs.  Mostly 'lethal' white Aussies, which are blind or deaf white Australian Shepherds.  Lethal meaning they usually are killed because of their perceived 'problems'.  Fortunately for these dogs Christine found out about them before that happened.  We can't imagine that happening to these loving animals.  After being with them just a few minutes you forget all about their disabilities and we had to keep asking which ones were deaf and which were blind.

These are such wonderful dogs!  They are playful, affectionate, active ... and Christine the owner does such a fantastic job.  These dogs are clean, well-fed and somehow are great watch dogs.  Here are some pix we took while we were there.

The German Shepherd has what's called 'straight leg', which is apparently a little known syndrome in only that particular breed.  He isn't able to bend his hind legs like normal dogs do.  But he is able to play and almost run for a short time by making a hopping motion with both legs at once.  And talk about a sweetie!  Such a nice boy.

About half these dogs are up for adoption, or even fostering.  Since this is a private rescue they are always happy to get donations of money, dog food, toys, dog beds ... just about anything.  They are a 501-c3 non-profit rescue.

Just FYI, they are having a Mutt Strut for some of the doggies at Pawpular Companions Boutique: 21950 E. Country Vista Dr,  Liberty Lake WA if anyone would like to see these little guys.

Here is their website link:        Lots more pictures there and information on adoptions etc.

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