Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Its almost New Years, less than four hours to go until 2014.  I for one, am glad.  Usually I get very sentimental and thoughtful when I think about the year gone by, but not this year.  It has been a very good year in some regard, but in others I am saddened by so many angry, hurtful and non-believing people.  This life is hard at times and if you don't have faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you have nothing.  Only faith in yourself and that's a pretty poor comparison.

We've got just about everything we need in this world, He has blessed us so richly.  We are not fancy and we drive older cars with lots of miles on them, but they run well, are pretty good on gas and when we need to we have a wonderful mechanic that is able to fix them without charging an arm and a leg.

Our house is comfortable, our fire is warm, our fields are fenced and our animals are all loveable and fat!  Just like us.  Loveable and fat.  One more little cupcake after dinner tonight and I won't be fitting into my sweat pants any more.

My one resolution for this coming year is to weave more.  I always feel guilty weaving.  I guess because I enjoy it so much.  And the rest of my 'work' is left undone and I don't even care any more.  So weaving it is.  I'm hopeful I can have a few more pictures to post.

Our little puppy is so adorable.  She just found her voice tonight.  So far she hasn't barked at all.  Now all of a sudden she is a big girl like the other dogs (except one of them is a boy!).  She's still tiny compared to them but I know one day she will hold her own in a game of chase or ball or whatever they decide is fun for the moment.

So I say to all of you, Happy New Year friends and family.  May this next year be a blessing to you and your faith in Him becomes stronger.  God bless you all and Welcome 2014.

And guess what?  Its only 359 days until Christmas.


Sue W. said...

I just caught up on your last two posts - first, Happy New Year! Yes, I, too, am not sorry to see 2013 in the rear view mirror. :)
And a new puppy! We, too! But I haven't "heard" any complaints on FB yet, so hopefully you aren't having the issues we are. Well, I am. Those little puppy teeth and the boundless energy - these aren't good for someone that can't move well and has extremely limited energy (raises hand). The puppy is really making my life harder - as I expected...I was not in favor of getting a new puppy (well, to be fair, I was at first, and then I came to realize that I just don't have the energy for it - but I was overruled) but I am the one at home all day so I am the one doing most of the training. Which I love to do, but...well, it's getting better.
Anyway, your Jet is adorable and I'm really jealous that he will be doing agility trials.
Who will be training him/working with him? Val? Your niece?
OK, well, just wanted to say Hi and wish you both a great 2014! Love and blessings, Sue

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Sue, puppies sure can keep you busy. We have to take turns here. Kathy has her when she's home but she is at school all day. Jet goes for a ride when we pick her momma up and she's learning that's a fun experience.

My niece will be working with Jet. They are both so energetic and love being with each other. They will be perfect together and are both such sweet girls.

Have a wonderful 2014, hope you are feeling well these days. Love you too.