Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer has finally gone.  Tonight is the first night of Fall.  I'm always sad to see summer leave, I love warm weather.  Although all of our summer or summers are not hot, I just know that our fall and winters will be cold.  Too cold for me anyway.  But now I can wear some of the nice and warm woven scarves I love so much.

The one I have on my loom in the house now is one for my daughter.  A beautiful rust color, plain weave and oh-so-soft rayon.  It is the color she wanted on the last one but I had added the cream and blue and she only wanted the rust.  So now she might get it before long.

Speaking of my daughter, she has had a lot of trouble with her left leg this summer.  First there was a blood clot in it, then it was going numb.  She fell a lot when it was going numb and finally broke her hip.  Surgery last weekend and she came home yesterday.  Lots and lots of pain for her, both before surgery and now at home.  But she is getting better and God is healing her.

Her little white parakeet  was attacked by one of our cats while we were gone the other day to the hospital.  All the kitties denied doing it but there were white feathers all over the floor when I got home that afternoon.  The redness is from the feathers being pulled out but its not blood.  She was very traumatized and quiet for a couple days but now seems to be her old talkative self.  She and the gray one chatter all day to each other and themselves in the little mirrors.  They are so cute but sure don't want to be held.  We try but they keep far away from us.

Our goats are all doing well, the cashmere boys have been mowing the pasture for the last couple months.  They finally got big enough to be able to spend time over there without Bella to guard them.  Unfortunately they can't stay over night because of the coyotes.  Bella won't stay over there at night, what a little coward she is!  Dolly lived over there, Bella will only go when she feels in the mood.  Mostly she sleeps in the house all day and most of the night.

With the inclement weather coming right around the corner, I needed a shelter for the little goats.  My builder friend has hurt himself and can't build the one I wanted, so I ordered one from our hardware store and plan on putting it together myself.  Today I unloaded all the pieces and stood them up against the fence by the woods where I will put the little shed.  From the directions, it doesn't look too hard to put together.  The only hard part is putting the roof on.  The parts all screw or slide together but the roof is pretty heavy for me.  I will get my niece to help but not sure if the two of us can do it properly.  I guess we will see.  Nice weather Fri, Sat and Sun, so am planning on completing it this weekend.

This is their picture of the shed.  I will post a picture of the one we put together when we finish putting the roof on.  

We did some really fun things this summer.  Went to the art show at the park in Cd'A, ate lots, bought a few things at the sidewalk sale and generally just enjoyed being out in that beautiful sun by the lake.  A few weeks ago we went to a gun show and took some knives to sell.  It was fun but sure didn't see too many folks buying anything.  Two days is plenty for me.

We hit a few yard sales and mostly just worked around here.  We've picked fruit, I planted a couple things in the garden (nothing turned out very well again this year) but I enjoyed mowing my grass.  I love that job, always have.  Especially now that I don't have to work as hard pushing a mower around the yard.


Sue W. said...

Yea! You posted! I've been waiting and waiting. :)

I feel the same way (almost!) about the passing of summer. The hot weather is hard on me, but I love the Fall weather, with the scarves and the Uggs and the leg warmers and sweaters. But winter? Yea, too cold, too harsh. The only time I can get outside is Fall and Spring (and Spring means allergies!).

I've been reading Val's FB updates and praying for her. I'm so glad to hear she is healing. Pain sucks, no doubt. I hope she will be up and about soon.

I also read about her white parakeet and the mysterious closed cage mystery. Poor fella. I'm glad he is OK and recovering. I don't know much about birds, but when I had a lovebird, it was very attached to me. Very. Like, too much. But once he/she had a companion, I was "thrown aside." From what I've read, having two means they will turn to each other. It's kind of a win/lose scenario. With only one, they bond with you. But with two, you have the pleasure of watching them bond together. And with two, I don't think you have the screeching so much. The cockatiel I got for my son (and we ended up giving to my parents) would SCREECH to come out and then he was SO possessive. Anyway, that's my two cents.
"Bella will only go when she feels in the mood."
HA! I feel ya, Bella. But I'm glad to hear your goats are doing well. Love the goats! :)
Good luck with the shed. I admire that you are doing it! I would be calling somebody and paying top dollar for them to do it and eating rice for months!
I'm glad you enjoy mowing. I've always hated it! Lucky for me, my hubby likes it, also.
I sort of missed out getting outside during the last part of summer this year. Our Golden knocked me down and I bruised my tailbone and couldn't sit on my recumbent bike. Such a bummer! Every moment I miss doing something is quite possibly my last chance to do it, as the M.S. progresses.
On the other hand, being homebound means I am doing more painting. So, there's the silver lining. :)
Hope your winter is mild and you all enjoy good health! Love to you all and please give Val a big sloppy kiss on the cheek for me!

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

No kidding! Finally was able to get my thought together for the blog. I always wait until I have stuff interesting to post but then I'm too busy ... lol

Valerie is feeling much better. Can't walk for 6-8 weeks but getting stronger every day now.

Glad you are painting these days. I'd love to see some of your work.

Take care, thanks for the comments!

Sue W. said...

Re: my artwork - when (if!) you have time, ask Val to show you my Facebook profile page, under Photos, in the Album: My Art. The newer stuff is at the bottom. :)