Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finally!  We finished putting our little goat shed together this week.  After getting it unloaded, which was a huge effort because of the weight,
and reading the directions over several times my niece and I got it mostly put up in two days.  First day was a killer.  Second day we didn't work as hard and quit earlier than the first day.

Getting the roof on was the last thing we did and probably the heaviest part of our construction job.

My niece is such a huge help, a very sharp eye for detail and also a bit of an artist so she knows what is aesthetically pleasing.  I usually follow the directions or do it my own way, then have to change it later because I don't like the way it looks.

The only really hard part was the lifting and my shoulders and arms were feeling it the next day.  She is very strong and active in sports so I don't think it bothered her as much as me.

So here is our new shed for the baby goats.  They seem to like it but I can't say I've seen them sleeping inside yet.  The day before we finished it the temperature that night was 28°.  Even our heater came on before time to get up.  Usually our house stays fairly warm when the days are warm.  If the days and nights are both cold then our house is freezing.

We placed straw in the bottom and locked one door shut while the other one will stand open until the weather turns rainy or snowy.  So far its been just beautiful.  An Indian Summer.  Days warm and sunny, nights cool sometimes frosty.  The water in the animal's buckets was frozen on top this week a few times.

And the new residents are curious about everything.  50/50 says What's Up?  And Comfey is (for once!) not the first one to get her picture taken.  She is so much bigger than he is I wonder if he will ever be a big boy, or maybe he will always just be my little boy.