Thursday, January 24, 2008

I finally finished my woolen scarf I wove on the Herald Loom some friends gave me. It is a loose woven 10-dent / 10 ppi, longwool leicester / mohair blend. I skipped two dents every 10 and used a spacer to do the same for the weft. Very fuzzy. But when I washed it, it ironed it pretty flat so it's not too much. The yarn was so wonderfully soft and fluffy while spinning, but when I finally got it woven, it seemed so scratchy. So, wet-finishing is always the fun part to see the beautiful difference when its all done. I really like it. I'm not sure what exactly I will do with it yet. Probably just keep it to sell this summer. Pricing is always the hard part for me. I usually end up giving them away to friends and family as gifts.

The Herald Loom was a gift from some dear friends. Marilyn and Ed had purchased it second hand and Ed refinished it. It is so beautiful. What a work-horse. Its still missing some parts, like whatever allows the front and back beams to move simultaneously, but I had so much fun using it that those missing pieces are something that will be nice to have but not necessary right now. I don't think they have made Herald's now for around 20+ years, so finding anyone that is familiar with them has been hard.

Most of my weaving is done on my first loom, an Ashford 4-harness 36". The heddles are texsolv and I had never used steel heddles before the Herald. I have learned a great lesson. Never never use handspun fuzzy yarn with steel heddles as they can be abrasive on the fibers. I have never had a broken warp thread, but this time I had 10 broken ones! The Herald is so much heavier and bigger than the Ashford, I think it would be great on rugs or something heavier than my little scarf. I also did the perle-cotton log-cabin scarf on the Herald and it came out fine, so it must just be the handspun.

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