Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's still colder than necessary, as far as I'm concerned. We've had below 0 now for several nights and I worry about all my little animals. They sleep in the two barns, but it's brutal. The coyotes aren't even coming by for a visit. They usually do and then wait outside my bedroom window until they are all assembled. At that point, they all howl at the same time just to scare me. If I were a cat, I would be stuck to the ceiling by my claws.

I adopted a rescue Great Pyrenees last summer named Dolly. She is the most wonderful dog. She lives with the goats and they all think they are family. She barks whenever she hears or smells something unknown, so everyone over in the pasture feels safe. I have seen her running and leaping to get the big black crows that love to search the pasture for food. That's quite a sight to see a 110 pound huge white dog so nimble. I would hate to have her chase me!

I have ordered another handpainted warp from Heritage Yarns this morning. I just love Margaret's colors and they go on my looms so easily. This one is a shorter scarf than I usually weave. I have been weaving the longer, tencel (I LOVE THOSE) scarves. I did one in perle cotton that turned out so nice. The log cabin pattern was fun, I hadn't done that before.

If I get my act together this morning, I plan to head up to Newport to the Create center. We don't call our group a guild, but same idea. The ladies are all so nice and I like taking my 'stuff' there. There's always someone who can answer any question. I'm off to bundle up and head out to feed everyone before they start calling me.

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