Saturday, January 26, 2008

I received the new painted warp from Margaret yesterday. Wow! The colors are incredibly vibrant and sunny. I've got it about half warped on the Ashford and can't wait to warp the rest today. Maybe I can even get started weaving a few pics. I'm putting a new picture of the Leicester Longwool / Mohair scarf here. I finished the fringe yesterday. That's my least favorite part, but its satisfying because I know that's the end and I can start another project.

Since today is my birthday maybe I have an excuse to stay indoors all day and play. We are going to have a big snow storm this evening but I think we have everything done outside that needed doing. The snowblower, as usual, was broken after that last big storm. I finally fixed it yesterday. It keeps breaking shear pins that keep the auger blades turning. I think we probably get a little piece of gravel in the works and it grinds to a halt. I had six or eight of the bolts and only have two left, so I better be more careful. The way the ice builds up is probably a problem also.

I got a new computer game from my daughter so now we have something else to play with. We enjoy the same things a lot of the time. She is so much fun to be around. I've missed having her home. She's working on a new business venture she can do here on the farm so this spring I'm sure she will keep a lot busier than she is now.

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